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Do Fair Housing Laws Apply To You?

As a landlord you have the right to seek potential tenants with good credit and references. And if you want to rent your property to friends or colleagues, you certainly have the right to do so. But when it comes to advertising, showing properties, and dealing with tenants, it’s important to keep fair housing laws in mind.

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Deciding Whether To Hire a Property Manager

Most new landlords only envisioned their property being managed by themselves. (They also only envisioned small appliance breaks and on-time monthly rents in perpetuity, but that’s a reality check for another day). In fact, for most first-time landlords, they have never heard of a property manager.

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Let’s Get Ready To Spring!

Unlike changing colors or metal accents in your home to give a quick facelift, landscaping, especially for a rental, requires planning. Landlords need to think long-term, when it comes to landscaping. Further, they need to consider the lease agreements to lawn maintenance.

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Saving Money, Drop By Drop

Where Does the Water Come From? Before we begin talking about how to save on your water bill when you rent, we should talk about where our water originates.

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Welcome to Our Washington, DC Property Management Blog

The owners started this company to ensure customers are put first, in our case Owners and Tenants, and to trust if we continue to follow through on what we promise, provide effective solutions, and roll-up our sleeves every day, only then will we earn our position as the premier property management company of greater Washington, DC.

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